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About Us

PinsN'Pens - It's Official
PinsN'Pens has introduced a new dimension in country's office supplies segment. We've established a unique module in consideration with all pros and cons that is necessary in daily office activities. At PinsN'Pens, we are very much eager to fulfill your necessities because we believe that we’re here for you. Keeping your needs in concern, your orders can be customized in the cart to provide you premium services.


Your Needs
Whether your company needs just in time assurance of needed supplies, PinsN'Pens can offer flexible solutions in case of your all types of office supplies. Team PinsN’Pens is ready with hi-tech interface in order to take away the headaches of your any kind of office supplies need and ready to do the best for you. We know; your business doesn't wait and so do we. Get it ready as you need.


How we work


We’re the first mover to provide you such kind of accumulated services:

One Stop Solution for Office Supplies - will help you to utilize your time in other sectors and can make you to feel relaxed. As PinsN'Pens
can offer you a flexible solutions backed with strong technology that takes away your headaches about office supplies need;
Promising Quality - We can assure you about the quality and standard of the product what you’ve looking for - though the product prices will
be lower than the market prices;
Fair Price Policy -  You can make your payment (Cash on delivery) after you’re satisfied with our delivered product. We don’t charge any additional cost except shipping cost of that product!
Discount on Bulk Purchase - We’re also ready to provide you some additional facilities if you order us in a bulk quantity!

Amazing Deal; Only for You


To provide you the best facilities, we have designed an amazing deal for you. Yes!! It's specially developed for the corporate organizations like you. Now you can amaze yourself after experiencing a massive minimize in your maintenance cost with our Monthly Corporate Package!

Step 01 On initial meeting, we will collect a list enriched with the name of your consumed products as well as the maximum quantity consumed by your organization in a month. You can also take assistance from our default product list. Surprisingly, you can customize the list by adding any types of products you need (even if it’s not included in our default list).

Step 02 Therefore, We will submit a price quotation of your required products along with a business proposal within the three working days of the initial meeting. Absolutely! You got the great opportunity to assess the current price of a product from local market, after that.

Step 03 Hereby, at this stage – A corporate agreement [MoU] will be signed between PinsN’Pens and your organization.

Step 04 Under the corporate agreement, PinsN’Pens will be bound to make the delivery of your required products to your place within a specific date of every month; You - the organization will make the payment after receiving the products at the agreed price. The organization will enjoy all other additional benefits (Offered Discount, Credit Facility, Free Shipping Facility) according to the signed agreement.

Payment Module


Goods Return & Refund Policy
We don’t have any goods return or refund policy. In general cases, the consumers can exchange the products only with new products. Conditions Apply *** However, the consumers can get the refund only for special cases. PinsN’Pens reserves the full authority to make a decision on the case to case individually.

We believe in customer satisfaction, a long term relationship rather than short term huge profit. It’ll be great pleasure for us if you let us provide you with our specialized services by making PinsN’Pens a part of your organization.

PinsN'Pens Team
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